What Should I Leave For My Cat Sitter Before I Go Away?

What Should I Leave For My Cat Sitter Before I Go Away?

Before you leave your cat in the care of a professional cat sitter, there are things you can do to help ensure the cat sitting visits go smoothly. 

However, your cat sitter should ask you to first complete a detailed profile.  Questions they should be asking about include your cats personality, feeding instructions, litter box care, your cat’s favorite toys, hiding places and medical/veterinarian information. 

Other questions should be about caring for your home including bringing in mail, watering plants, taking out trash, emergency contacts, etc.  It is just as important to meet with your cat sitter in person at your home for a consultation before you leave town.  This allows you to introduce your cat sitter to your cat, to make sure they are the right fit, to review all the details in your profile together while showing them everything they may need at the visits, and to exchange keys.  Reviewing your profile in person also gives you both the opportunity to add any missing details about caring for your cat and home.  However, there are still other things you can do before you leave to ensure the visits will go smoothly so you will return to a happy and well cared for cat and home.

Check out our top 13 list of things to leave readily accessible to help you cat sitter for the visits.

  1. Purchase more food than your cat needs while you will be away so you won’t run out if your travel plans get extended.
  2. Leave out a can opener, utensils, and additional serving plates or bowls, if needed.
  3. Make sure you have plenty of litter and deodorizer to top of the litter box daily as well as enough for a full clean up, if needed, with a new liner.
  4. Leave a clear list of your cats medications and additional medication to last not only while you are away but in case your trip gets extended.
  5. Provide a scooper and plenty of bags for cleaning the litter box daily.
  6. Leave out a Dustbuster, vacuum, and/or broom with a dustpan so your cat sitter can keep the area around the litter box neat and tidy.
  7. In the event of an emergency, leave out a cat carrier.
  8. Place your cats’ favorite toys and treats somewhere easy to find.
  9. If your cat enjoys being brushed, leave one out.
  10. Supply additional paper towels to clean up any messes including vomit, if your cat is susceptible to throwing up.
  11. Post a copy of your itinerary in your home, including your contact information and contact information for your emergency contacts.
  12. If a mail key is needed to bring in the mail, leave one out for your cat sitter.
  13. Provide a collar and leash, if your cat likes to go on walks.

By doing the above aside from completing a detailed profile and meeting with your cat sitter before you leave, it will make it easier for your cat sitter to give your cat the best care.  This will help make for a happy cat and a nice clean home upon your return.

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