Meet Our Sitters

Ceylan Yazar
Ceylan Y.
I adore animals! I find peace and great pleasure in caring for them and providing you with peace of mind when you have to leave th
I and my husband decided not have our own pets any more, but I love cats and dog, so I like to care about other people’s pets.
Cecilia Shaw
Cecilia S.
Simply put, I adore cats! I know first-hand what an important source of joy and comfort they are in people's lives, and I would therefor
Sara Fogarty
Sara F.
I adore the feline species and enjoy spending time with them. It is rewarding work to help animals. I currently work as a massage therapist
Kathryn Odom
Kathryn O.
Hi! I'm Kathryn and I'm a huge cat lover. I've had cats all my life growing up and now live on the Upper East Side with my cat F
Abigail Aldridge
Abigail A.
Abigail is a pet mom herself and she is wonderful with all types of cat personalities. Abigail will not only truly love your cat but she wil
Aleyna Kaya
Aleyna K.
In just a few words, animals make me feels better. I love spending time with them :)
Gözde Boran
Gözde B.
I love being around pets, but unfortunately I Didn't have much chance to do that since I moved to New York. Working at Manhattan Meow gi
Ünal Bulut
Ünal B.
I love taking care of animals. Have done so since I was a child- caring for stray animals
Nan Phyllis Isenberg
Nan P.
As a dedicated cat lover and owner for over 25 years, I have experience caring for rescue cats and adapting to their unique personalities. M
Genevieve  Antonetty
Genevieve .
I have a genuine love for cats and have been providing professional cat sitting services for one year now. I am experienced in handling cats
Deandra Catterson
Deandra C.
After doing some research on Manhattan Meow, I adore how overwhelmingly positive the experiences seem to be for the customers and kitties. A