Meet Our Sitters

Ceylan Yazar
Ceylan Y.
I adore animals! I find peace and great pleasure in caring for them and providing you with peace of mind when you have to leave th
I and my husband decided not have our own pets any more, but I love cats and dog, so I like to care about other people’s pets.
Cecilia Shaw
Cecilia S.
Simply put, I adore cats! I know first-hand what an important source of joy and comfort they are in people's lives, and I would therefor
Sara Fogarty
Sara F.
I adore the feline species and enjoy spending time with them. It is rewarding work to help animals. I currently work as a massage therapist
Joy Nystrom
Joy N.
I love cats and I don't see enough of them! I truly love animals and love providing quality care for animals. I know how much it means t
Kathryn Odom
Kathryn O.
Hi! I'm Kathryn and I'm a huge cat lover. I've had cats all my life growing up and now live on the Upper East Side with my cat F
Abigail Aldridge
Abigail A.
Abigail is a pet mom herself and she is wonderful with all types of cat personalities. Abigail will not only truly love your cat but she wil
Nergis is Neyir Ceylan's right arm at Manhattan Meow. She works very closely with Ceylan and is absolutely wonderful with every cat she
Joseph Kibler
Joseph K.
As someone who has needed to rely on pet sitters (having four pets of my own, three cats and a dog, all seniors) I know how important it is
Aleyna Kaya
Aleyna K.
In just a few words, animals make me feels better. I love spending time with them :)
Mayu Peters
Mayu P.
Hi! I love all animals! I don't have any cats myself but currently I have 2 Guinea pigs :) I love to talk to pets! I'm so excited to
Gözde Boran
Gözde B.
I love being around pets, but unfortunately I Didn't have much chance to do that since I moved to New York. Working at Manhattan Meow gi