We have created Manhattan Meow to be able to combine our passion for pets with our desire to help animals in shelters.

Manhattan Meow is proud to support DGF - a newly formed nonprofit organization established by Mark Imhof with the aim to facilitate the adoption of shelter cats and dogs by new owners.

As an individual, Mr. Imhof volunteered at NYC ACC to groom close to 1,000 animals over 3 years before he created DGF to provide help for more animals.

DGF employs professional groomers to staff the shelters daily to groom and bathe as many shelter animals as possible. Please remember- NYC ACC received an intake of over 7,000 dogs and over 14,000 cats in 2018.

Many of the animals arrive at NYC ACC with matted fur that not only causes discomfort to the animals, but can also be life threatening. The disheveled and dirty animals are also not as visually appealing for potential adopters. The bathing and grooming for the incoming animals results in their excitement and confidence being increased and thus their chances of being adopted skyrocketing. Grooming and bathing saves lives by improving the animals’ looks and confidence. Please join us in supporting DGF!

Another cause very dear to our hearts is The AKC Humane Fund.

AKC Humane Fund gives grants to shelters that house victims of domestic abuse with their pets. Too often, fear for the safety of a beloved pet is enough to keep a victim of domestic violence suffering in a dangerous situation at home. Only %3 of shelters in USA are able to accept victims with their pets, and %48 of the women stay in an abuse relationship longer because they do not want to leave their pets behind. Nobody should have to choose between their safety and the lives of their pets, please join us in supporting AKC Humane Fund.

Human Fund

I love all animals but cats in particular!

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