Testimonials & Reviews

Nadine Z.
Had a great experience with Cecile. She was detailed and informative on how our boys were doing. She was accessible at all times and was a wonderful caretaker for the boys while we were away. She's already booked for 2 future visits!

Nadine Z.Jun 27, 2019 Verified Visit

Erin H.
Ceylan is an extremely reliable, kind, and thoughtful person. I am at ease when I travel because I know I may count on her. She always sends me videos of her interactions with my fur babies. She has the right amount of enthusiasm, without being too much for my extremely shy kitty, and my bossy boy just adores her. As an added bonus, Ceylan is very good with rolling with the changes. I don’t always have control of my travel schedule, and it’s such a relief to work with someone who is so understanding and easygoing. She has even bailed me out when company arrived a day early and I was out of town with no way to get them keys! She is a real gem.

Erin H.Jun 1, 2019 Verified Visit

Nadine Z.
I would highly recommend Ceylan. My situation was extraordinary. I had spinal surgery and was not allowed to bend. For 2 months Ceylan came to my apartment and fed my two cats and changed their litter. She came 7 days a week! She is dependable and very caring. You can trust your little loved ones with Ceylan, she loves animals and will take great care of them when you're away. I can't say enough good things about her.

Nadine Z.Jun 7, 2019 Verified Visit

Beth M.
Lizzy has done drop in visits twice now for my cat Stella. Lizzy is extremely responsive with messages and will always check in with me and ask questions when clarification is needed. Moreover, my cat Stella really seems to like her! When I come home my cat acts like I never left - the highest praise there is :)

Beth M.Aug 1, 2019 Verified Visit

Bulent O.
Lizzy was extremely professional and friendly. She took care of our cat for five days and sent us regular texts with pictures and videos to make us comfortable that our cat was taken care of. Will definitely use her services again and I would high recommend her.

Bulent O.Aug 27, 2019 Verified Visit

Marsha B.
Ceylan took great care of my cat, and sent pictures every day so I could see how well my kitty was doing.

Marsha B.Sep 7, 2019 Verified Visit

Lizzy took care of my little Pita for 2 weeks and she was perfect, she sent photos, videos, regular updates. Pita was immediately comfortable and when I came back, she looked as if I had never left my place ! I am very very happy with Lizzy and the overall service provided by Manhattan Meow. Will use the service again for sure !!

ANNE C.Sep 9, 2019 Verified Visit

Amy D.
We were delighted with the care our cat Puddy received from MM during our recent vacation. Ceylan Yazar was terrific and went above and beyond in caring for Puddy. This included administering medication and taking Puddy to the vet. We highly recommend MM and Ceylan and wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

Amy D.Oct 8, 2019 Verified Visit

Julie R.
We are always happy to have Lizzy look after our kitty when we're away. Thank you so much!

Julie R.Oct 16, 2019 Verified Visit

Julie R.
Lizzy did a fantastic and thorough job, and we can't wait to hire her again!

Julie R.Oct 16, 2019 Verified Visit

Julie R.
Thank you, Cecile - it's such a relief to have someone so capable look after your cat!

Julie R.Oct 16, 2019 Verified Visit

Julie R.
Thank you again, Cecile!

Julie R.Oct 16, 2019 Verified Visit

Alex K.
Jessica is lovely and I'm so thrilled to have found a great sitter to look after Anya our cat! I just rebooked her for this weekend and feel so relieved knowing she'll be providing lots of TLC to our fur baby! Thanks Jessica!

Alex K.Oct 28, 2019 Verified Visit

Nicole B.
Ceylan was great with my kitty as usual and sent me updates each day I was away. I am very grateful to her.

Nicole B.Oct 31, 2019 Verified Visit

Leigh A.
Cecely was absolutely amazing! And thankfully patient after a mixup with our address. She was there every day and sent us plenty of pictures and videos of our kitties, at least the one who would actually come out! She even sent pics of their food and water and was nice enough to scoop and sweep. I'm so thankful for Cecely and Manhattan Meow! I'll definitely be using them again :)

Leigh A.Nov 6, 2019 Verified Visit

Abraham H.
The pictures and videos were just what we needed to see Catniss. We all thank you for taking such great care of her!

Abraham H.Dec 1, 2019 Verified Visit

Ryan F.
Monica made my wife and I feel very comfortable while we were on vacation with detailed updates and plenty of pictures. She was absolutely amazing!

Ryan F.Dec 5, 2019 Verified Visit

Naomi H.
Cecely is excellent! Every visit, she sent me updates along with pictures or videos. She is very caring and a true animal lover.

Naomi H.Dec 26, 2019 Verified Visit

Sonali L.
We had a great experience with Ceylan - she is our go to cat sitter!

Sonali L.Dec 30, 2019 Verified Visit

Sonali L.
Jessica took great care of our dear cat!

Sonali L.Dec 30, 2019 Verified Visit

Nicole B.
My experience with Cecely was phenomenal! She was very professional and detail oriented, I really appreciated her desire to make sure everything was in place for Biscuit's care while I was away. She was very flexible and ensured that key pick up and drop off was a smooth process. Most importantly, she did a great job with my boy, making sure his eating area and dishes were clean and his water was refreshed. She sent me picture and video updates on how he was doing and it made me feel comfortable while I was away from him. I definitely will be booking with her again in the future.

Nicole B.Dec 31, 2019 Verified Visit

Allison H.
Jessica was caring and communicative throughout her time with Merlin. Would highly recommend.

Allison H.Jan 2, 2020 Verified Visit

Megan S.
Cecely was amazing! She sent me updates, pictures, and videos of Stella every day. My cat is more of a cuddler than a player, so Cecely made sure to give Stella lots of loves while she was visiting. She even watered my plants when I forgot to water them before leaving for vacation! Would highly recommend and will definitely be using Cecely again soon.

Megan S.Jan 6, 2020 Verified Visit

Wenjie X.
Shantel has been such a godsend to my sister and I when we travelled abroad for 3 weeks. We had never before left our 3 kitties alone for such a long period of time, and like the overly attached cat parents we were, we worked ourselves up in a frenzy trying to make sure our babies would be well taken care of. Enter Shantel. She was thoughtful, thorough, detail-oriented, caring, and responsible. She soothed our anxieties within the first day of showing up. She even got our shy black boy to cozy up to her within the first meeting—a true cat whisperer! Despite asking her to come in everyday during the busy holiday season, she was as thorough and careful as always and everyday, she would send us updates via pictures and videos of our kitties. She truly went above and beyond and we never heard a single word of complaint even though one of our kittens is a poopy little manx mix who has not yet learned how to keep his poopy booty to himself and off the furniture. We are so thankful and appreciative to have found Shantel and this has truly heralded a new era in which my sister and I are able to travel together with no worries. We would highly, highly recommend Shantel to anyone looking for an 11/10 catsitter.

Wenjie X.Jan 13, 2020 Verified Visit

Ramsay R.
Heather is friendly, professional and responsive - I'd recommend her to anyone

Ramsay R.Feb 28, 2020 Verified Visit

Julie R.
Thank you so much for taking such good care of my kitty while we were away. Manhattan Meow makes it so easy, and provides such peace of mind!

Julie R.Jul 3, 2020 Verified Visit

Julie R.
Thank you so much for taking such good care of our kitty when we were away! We will definitely be in touch with Ariane again soon.

Julie R.Aug 22, 2020 Verified Visit

Marsha B.
Lauren took very good care of my cat.

Marsha B.Sep 8, 2020 Verified Visit

Andrea M.
Lauren is amazing! She is the only person who has ever been able to coax my VERY timid kitty out from his many hiding spots, and not only that, but she got him to trust her enough to approach her, purring and leaning in for pets! I am so happy I found her, it's so nice to know that I don't have to worry about S'more being terrified every time someone comes by to feed him. She is very patient and did a great job taking care of him while I was out of town. Thanks so much Lauren! Hope to work with you with again soon :)

Andrea M.Oct 9, 2020 Verified Visit

Andrea M.
Ceylan has been so great every time she has come to look after my cat S'more! Thanks so much for everything!

Andrea M.Oct 9, 2020 Verified Visit

Virginia S.
Allistonn took great care of my cat while I was away. Very kind!

Virginia S.Nov 9, 2020 Verified Visit

Laura R.
Lizzy was great with our three cats. We received regular photos and updates during her visit. We are looking forward to Lizzy caring for out cats in the future.

Laura R.Jun 11, 2021 Verified Visit

Laura R.
Lizzy was fantastic. She sent us great daily updates and worked with us to trouble shoot when one of our cats seemed to need a change in diet while we were away. Lizzy was super communicative and showed our three cats a lot of love. We'd definitely love to have her care for our cats again in the future.

Laura R.Jul 19, 2021 Verified Visit

Jacob L.
Very much appreciated the professional and diligent service. Lizzy sent lengthy videos every day to show all was well at home while I was traveling. Will certainly book Manhattan Meow again!

Jacob L.Jul 28, 2021 Verified Visit

Lizzy took excellent care of our cats Bill & Johnny while we were away! We had never taken such a long trip away from them. Although we were initially worried about Johnny losing his appetite and hiding away for too long, Lizzy made sure to check-in on him when we asked and alleviated our concerns. We were really happy when Johnny got comfortable and began eating his usual amount! Lizzy is very caring, kind and also left the place clean even though we didn't ask that of her. We appreciate her help and would gladly choose her to take care of our cats again in the future! Highly recommend ManhattanMeow and Lizzy! Thanks very much!

HoomanAug 2, 2021 Verified Visit

Laura R.
As usual our cats were well looked after and we received daily updates. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Laura R.Sep 7, 2021 Verified Visit

Anita L.
Great cat person, Bahar, is sweet and very affectionate with my cat. She's very reliable and neat, doing the cleanup and feeding part of the job as well as the affectionate attention to my needy Siamese!

Anita L.Sep 9, 2021 Verified Visit

Matthew H.
Kioyoko was great

Matthew H.Oct 19, 2021 Verified Visit

Laura R.
Our cats really enjoyed Lizzy's visits - thanks so much for the attentive care of our cats!

Laura R.Oct 20, 2021 Verified Visit

Matthew H.

Matthew H.Nov 2, 2021 Verified Visit

Nadine Z.
Anne R. has become an extended family member to us and our boys. We feel extremely lucky to have found her through MM. Our 2 boys adore her and always come out to play and give her love. Anne has been consistent in her care for a few years now, and it is evident that her love for cats is not only genuine but received and deeply appreciated. She truly is the best, and we now consider her a friend as well as Aunty Anne to Remus and Sirius.

Nadine Z.Nov 28, 2021 Verified Visit

Laura R.
Lizzy took great care of our cats and we received regular updates. We hope to have her visit again in the future!

Laura R.Dec 4, 2021 Verified Visit

Ian P.
Ceylan was hugely helpful at a difficult time - finding a carer for my sister in law's cat when I don't even live in NYC. I am very grateful.

Ian P.Dec 28, 2021 Verified Visit

Steve C.
Cecilia was top tier. We booked her again! She's clearly a cat woman as ours went right up to her and nuzzled her hand - super uncommon for a first encounter. He was in good spirits when we returned from almost a week away, and Cecilia clearly took great care of him from all the evidence including pics and clips that showed him looking content and playful. The whole experience with Manhattan Meow has been professional and recommendable. No hesitation in recommending this cat crew.

Steve C.Dec 30, 2021 Verified Visit

Laura R.
We had a great final set of visits from Lizzy for 2021 and look forward to continuing with your services in the new year!

Laura R.Dec 30, 2021 Verified Visit

Dana M.
Kiyoko was a wonderful cat sitter. She is dependable, kind, and connects well with cats. From beginning to end, Manhattan Meow and Kiyoko were communicative and thorough. I would definitely recommend them for anyone seeking a cat sitter.

Dana M.Jan 3, 2022 Verified Visit

Steve C.
Excellent care for our pet, just as before. Booking again.... NOW!

Steve C.Jan 6, 2022 Verified Visit

Emily K.
Ceylan was absolutely amazing! I received videos of my cat receiving all of the love he could ask for! My mind was at ease knowing my cat was in such good hands. Will definitely book again!

Emily K.Jan 18, 2022 Verified Visit

Rebecca C.
Shantel and Cecelia both helped cover sitting for this trip. I really appreciated the daily updates and pictures! My cats were happy and relaxed when we got back home. Thank you!

Rebecca C.Jan 27, 2022 Verified Visit

Liz M.
We had the best experience with Ceylan - she was professional, communicative and caring. We couldn't have asked for a better catsitter!

Liz M.Feb 14, 2022 Verified Visit

Mackenzie R.
Cecilia is wonderful! Very accommodating, the cats are so comfortable around her, she always sends prompt updates and she's extremely helpful. We've used her twice and as long as she'll have us will continue to do so!

Mackenzie R.Feb 27, 2022 Verified Visit

Mary A.
Excellent - Molly was well cared for

Mary A.Mar 15, 2022 Verified Visit

Mary A.
Molly likes Cecilia!!

Mary A.Mar 15, 2022 Verified Visit

Mary A.
pictures and videos during my time away and I know molly was happy

Mary A.Mar 15, 2022 Verified Visit

Bryce G.
Sabrina was communicative and my cats were happy and healthy when I returned home

Bryce G.Mar 29, 2022 Verified Visit

Bryce G.
Ceylan was very communicative and my cats were happy and healthy when I returned home

Bryce G.Mar 29, 2022 Verified Visit

Victoria S.
Ceylan took great care of my kitties while I was away! She was very communicative and sent me updates each time she visited so I knew my kitties were in good hands!

Victoria S.Jun 23, 2022 Verified Visit

Emily A.
Maxine is reliable, communicative, flexible, and trustworthy! And most importantly, my cat is a big fan of her :)

Emily A.Aug 5, 2022 Verified Visit

Victoria S.
Kiyoko looked after my kitties for several times I've been away and it gives me a peace of mind to know they are in great hands! She is very kind and sends updates/photos/videos each time she visits so I always know how they are doing. Highly recommend!

Victoria S.Aug 11, 2022 Verified Visit

Matthew H.

Matthew H.Aug 30, 2022 Verified Visit

Courtenay P.
Sabrina has cat sat our two cats a few times now and we know we can rely on her!

Courtenay P.Sep 6, 2022 Verified Visit

Kate F.
Sara F took very good care of our sweet little furries, and even went the extra mile by cleaning out our litter box and putting in fresh (which we had meant to do before leaving). She kept us informed with photos and anecdotes daily. We would certainly recommend her, and Manhattan Meow. :)

Kate F.Nov 8, 2022 Verified Visit

Hannah F.
I always hate to be away from my cat but I felt much better about it knowing she was with Neyir! The whole process was very easy and I feel like my cat got high quality care as well as attention from someone who really cared about her. I highly recommend this service and plan to use it myself in the future!

Hannah F.Nov 23, 2022 Verified Visit

Vlad I.
Really amazing service with photos and videos daily! Ceylan was incredible with the cats and even the shy "little" one was comfortable around her!

Vlad I.Dec 27, 2022 Verified Visit

Matthew H.

Matthew H.Jan 2, 2023 Verified Visit

Matthew H.

Matthew H.Jan 2, 2023 Verified Visit

Matthew H.

Matthew H.Jan 2, 2023 Verified Visit

Victoria S.
Kiyoko always takes excellent care of my kitties! I feel reassured knowing that they are in great hands while I'm away.

Victoria S.Jan 18, 2023 Verified Visit

Steve C.
Maxine was wonderful with our high-maintenance Buddy! This cat can be tricky to bond with, and even harder is to get him to play when he's lazy or depressed at our absence. Maxine figured it out. Kudos!

Steve C.Feb 23, 2023 Verified Visit

Steve C.
Maxine was excellent with our cat Buddy. He obviously liked her, as evidenced in the initial meet & greet and also in the "proof of life/performance" pics and clips she sent. He was happy not just to see someone, but to see her in particular. We felt 100% at ease being away with Maxine taking care of him. Thanks again.

Steve C.Feb 23, 2023 Verified Visit

Sarah C.
Ceylan was amazing! She was so communicative and my cat absolutely loved her. I strongly recommend her services!

Sarah C.Feb 25, 2023 Verified Visit

Alexandra P.
Ceylan took such great care of our two cats! She sent us pictures and videos every day with updates. You can tell she really cares about the pets she takes care of and she really enjoys what she does. Highly recommend.

Alexandra P.Apr 17, 2023 Verified Visit

Sarah C.
Maxine was great - so communicative, kind, and really spent time with my cat. I strongly recommend her!

Sarah C.Jun 20, 2023 Verified Visit

Bryce G.
Great, as always.

Bryce G.Nov 26, 2023 Verified Visit

Steve C.
Abigail was methodical during the intake and make our cat Buddy fall in love with her instantly! And, of course, she took great care of him. He was in good spirits when we got home, which is hard to achieve. No hesitation in recommending her. We'll call on her again.

Steve C.Dec 4, 2023 Verified Visit

Steve C.
Buddy (our cat) was mesmerized with Joy and she became a favorite Auntie / Big Sister to him. She's excellent with Pets.

Steve C.Dec 4, 2023 Verified Visit

Brooke M.
Ceylan was the perfect cat sitter! She checked in on my cat, Izzie, when I had to go out of own at the last minute for a couple of weeks. She was great about checking in and providing updates via text and video and I could tell that Izzie absolutely loved her. I will definitely be using Ceylan for all of my future cat sitting needs!

Brooke M.Dec 27, 2023 Verified Visit

Bryce G.
Gozde was great. She was very communicative and the kitties seemed to like her.

Bryce G.Dec 28, 2023 Verified Visit

Kiyoko was fully booked so Aleyna was taking care of our cat. She is superb! Our cat is usually very shy but she started loving Aleyna on the second visit! Aleyna shared videos on every visit showing what was done. Aleyna did a great job on taking care of our cat and she also played with our cat. We highly recommend her and Manhattan Meow.

AprilJan 12, 2024 Verified Visit

Stephen r.
Abigail was wonderful! She took care of my two cats like a complete and loving professional. She sent me daily updates, pics and vids of my two cats while I was away for a week. I strongly recommend her to anyone !

Stephen r.Feb 11, 2024 Verified Visit

Brandon P.
Joy is quite simply - the absolute best :)

Brandon P.Feb 24, 2024 Verified Visit

Edward W.
Cecilia did an amazing job with Princess! Can't wait to book again

Edward W.Apr 2, 2024 Verified Visit

Adrienne J.
Manhattan Meow made last minute cat sitting a breeze! Kiyoko is the best, she is so lovely and responsive and will give you all the updates that an anxious traveling cat mom needs and wants. My little kitty, who is normally shy, felt so comfortable around her! Made this cat mom very happy. 5 stars!

Adrienne J.Apr 2, 2024 Verified Visit