Services and Rates

Drop-in Visits

This is our most popular service for cat owners. During a 30 minute drop-in visit, a fully insured and bonded cat sitter will come to your home to care for your cat. Each visit will include:

- Providing wet or dry food depending on your cat's food preferences
- Providing fresh water for your pet
- Cleaning of litter boxes
- Checking and cleanup for any stains, accidents or mess caused by your cat
- Play & cuddle time with your cat

Depending on the age and the character of your cat, our sitters will engage them in games and provide them with quality play time. Kittens have a lot of energy and need more daily exercise than older cats and our cat sitters will come prepared to engage with your cats and use any toys you provide. 

During each visit our cat sitters will take pictures and videos of your cats because we know how much you miss them - and let's be honest you can never have enough pictures of your cat! If our cat sitter notices anything out of the ordinary with your cat you will be notified immediately. We are here to provide your cats with love and you with peace of mind.


15 min visit $20/visit (for very shy cats who never show up/hide or for very territorial cats who dont want people around when their parents are not around). This option is not available during holidays and the visits only include food and water refreshing and litter box cleaning./// 30 min visit $25/visit (highly recommended for more social cats) //// An additional $5 is added for each additional cat.//// For 2 cats 20 min visit $25/visit /// 60 min visit $42/visit (for very social cats who likes to play and cuddle / multiple cats household / kittens) Plus Manhattan Meow Booking Fee and New York Sales Tax /// Dear Pet Parents Please have your sitter’s key ready for your meet and greet, if you are not able to you can drop them off at our East 95th location or leave them in a lock box or if your sitter agrees she can come back for them for a fee equivalent to a visit. Same options are available for key drop off s at the end of your visits (you can also ask your sitter to leave your keys in your apartment). /////. In case of cancellations, if cancelled 5 business days in advance a $50 cancellation fee is applied, if cancelled w less notice 50% of the total is charged, if cancelled after the visits start due to clients plans change full fee is applied. Please place all your cats toys, food, bowls and spoons, medicine, treats, cleaning supplies on your kitchen counter, with clearly written/ printed out instructions (how much dry and wet food to give, how many treats, medicine information) l for your sitter. The less time your sitter spends looking for things, contacting you for information the more time your cat will have to play and cuddle with the sitter. Visit Times Unless your pet is on medication and needs to be visited at certain times due to health reasons the timings of the visits may vary due to weather conditions, route of the sitters, unforeseen situations (such as a sick pet requiring immediate attention). If your pet is on medication and needs to be visited at certain times please make sure to let your sitter know / an additional fee of $20 will be added to be passed onto your sitter.

Pet Boarding

We are happy to host your pets in our homes as a part of our families. Your pet will enjoy all the comforts of a home while you are away and there will be no caging.  We believe each pet is unique and that care should be customized to accommodate individual needs. Please let your host know all the needs of your pet prior to the boarding so we can provide a home away from home for them.

Day Care

Our sitters are happy to welcome your pet to their homes for daycare services between 8am to 6pm, with early drop off and late pick up options available for a nominal fee. A day with our sitters consists of lots of play and cuddle time and individual walks. And since we know how you miss your pet we will send you lots of pictures and videos.

House Sitting

Some pets prefer their home environments and for them we will provide housesitting services. Our loving pet sitters will come to your house to care for your pets in the comfort of their own homes and will send you regular updates via pictures and videos.

In-home overnight service is a 12-hour service from approximately 7 pm to 7 am.

Dog Walking

Let your dog enjoy the individual attention and love of our pet sitters. No more spending the majority of their walks sitting and waiting for other dogs to be picked up. Happy dogs happy pawparents!

I love all animals but cats in particular!

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